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Sentimental Jewelry Custom Designs

(capture emotion) jewelry preserves life special memories

Wedding dress recycling

Mother Child jewelry

Family Heritage jewelry 


What Fabrics Work Best? 

  • WOVEN FABRICS WORK BEST - quilting cottons, upholstery, oxford shirts, silk ties, other non-stretch fabrics/garments 
  • NO KNITS OR LACE - unfortunately any stretchy, knit, lace or embroidered fabrics will not work in our designs (i.e. no t-shirts, sweatshirts, bathing suits, leotards, sweaters, knits, etc)
  • You can send the entire garment. And when possible, we prefer to work with an 8"x8" piece of fabric per bracelet, but can work with smaller pieces (may require adding a seam and covering it with the beads)
  • We can cut around imperfections.

Fabrics should be mailed to:

Razimus Jewelry: P.O. Box 2829, Malta NY 12020