About Us


Why be normal? Just be YOU! Razimus Jewelry is designed to provide a unique, comfortable, & eco-conscious alternative to traditional metal jewelry. With a focus on the season's top fashion colors and trends, Razimus Jewelry goes a step further and is committed to sustainable design by hand making each fabric band using organic fabrics, and upcycled & vintage clothing.



Designer + Owner + Mama, Virginia Fretto - a trained fashion designer turned jewelry social responsibility advocate - creates each piece by hand with her team of local artisans in Saratoga Springs, NY.                       

A "razimus" is a special word Virginia’s “Pop Pop” invented to describe a reward for hard-work, confidence, and a job well done. By naming the brand Razimus Jewelry, Virginia hopes to share encouragement and empower hardworking women everywhere to live your joy in your daily accomplishments, challenges, and to just be uniquely you.  

But it is more than just unique jewelry. Razimus Jewelry is dedicated to producing eco-friendly fabric bands using 100% organic cottons and upcycling (deconstructing & repurposing) vintage and other clothing. Why is this important? Because the present-day fast-fashion cycle results in over 10 billion tons of clothing ending up in landfills annually*, and conventionally-grown cotton used in fabrics accounts for more than 10% of the total pesticide & 25% of insecticide use worldwide**. 

*Source: grist.org “Watch us explain why your $8 shirt is a huge problem

**Sources: Pesticide Action Network & “Thread Documentary”



Razimus Jewelry gives back.

Each year we design and donate 50% of sales of a special design to benefit the American Diabetes Association
We practice low-waste production cycle, operate using solar power, and support local female artists to reinforce our sustainability principles that Razimus Jewelry is built on.