Razimus Jewelry has been closed. Thank you for all of your love and support over the years.


A Note from Virginia:

With 2023 coming to a close… I felt that it was finally the time to announce the closure of Razimus Jewelry. 

I love design, useful and meaningful design, but I I have listened to my heart and gut, and realize that I no longer want to be running all of the facets of a product-based business (and I don’t think I’d ever be 100% okay about someone else doing it either). It takes so much passion & motivation to run a successful business, and my creative energies have found other avenues to explore. With so many pivots throughout the years, I’ve met countless incredible people along the way that I’ll be forever grateful for to call friends, clients and colleagues. So after taking the last year or so to try out some new creative endeavors, I know it’s time to say thank you and farewell to Razimus Jewelry; the business & community of supporters that made it all possible over the 10+ years in business. Thank you for all of your love & support for Razimus Jewelry… a million hugs to you all!

Please note that with the closure of the business, that my email address associated with the business will no longer be active & I will not be responding. I will keep the domain & social media handles for the foreseeable future, but they will go inactive & be more of a photo time capsule & reference point.