Razimus Jewelry has been closed. Thank you for all of your love and support over the years.

Ownership Opportunity

After 11 years of building Razimus Jewelry as a brand with a loyal following, I am seeking a new owner for Razimus Jewelry. Razimus Jewelry needs a new invigorated designer - or team - to take over the business and usher in its next chapter. It will come down to the right heart behind the sewing machine, outreach & systems.

Here's all the good stuff awaiting the right person(s): 

  • demand for custom designs is seasonless and consistent
  • established website
  • combined social media following of 5000+ 
  • loyal clients & brand recognition; lots of happy customers constantly referring other friends and family members
  • mentorship & training from me, Virginia Fretto, Founder
  • supplies & all ready in place systems
  • sales channels via FB, IG, Shopify, POS for in-person
  • relationships with art show coordinators & other collaborators
  • referrals to established vendors
  • you make your own schedule & get to create jewelry that holds such sentimental meaning to the client
  • unique work-from-anywhere opportunity
  • flexible terms and timeline 

While revenue numbers can and will be pulled, the valuation of the business has a lot riding on the connection to clients and their designs, rather than percentages of past sales. 

I’m offering a very unique opportunity to creatives to submit a bid for the purchase of Razimus Jewelry.

If this sounds like something that might light you up, please consider applying for an initial interest survey for the potential purchase of Razimus Jewelry.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



In 2011, I was burning out at an unfulfilling desk job when the idea for an eco-friendly, handmade, fabric jewelry company first sparked within me. In the Spring of 2012, while pregnant with my daughter, Razimus Jewelry was launched. 

Over the years, Razimus Jewelry expanded into a collection-driven wholesale and e-commerce brand with a small team of creative women helping to produce the handmade designs. When loyal Razimus Jewelry collectors started requesting custom jewelry designs using their sentimental fabrics, it ushered in a new and very fulfilling focus for the business.

For more than 11 years, so many amazing partnerships, collaborations, friendships, and opportunities grew from the launch of my company. Then came the life-changing pandemic, which not only switched many gears in my daily life, like becoming a full-time homeschooling mom and moving to a new house, but also shed light on new interests and inspired new plans.

After much reflection, I have decided to move on from Razimus Jewelry ownership, and am seeking a new creative entrepreneur to take the reins. 

That could be YOU!