Razimus Jewelry has been closed. Thank you for all of your love and support over the years.

Learn More About Custom Designs

Transform a sentimental garment into keepsake fabric jewelry. 
Fabrics hold so many memories. Let's work together to honor those special memories by custom designing jewelry made from fabrics that hold sentimental meaning to you, like: 
* your child's first baby clothes *
* a precious wedding dress *
* grandma's vintage apron * 
* a favorite flannel of someone dear to you *
* an heirloom plaid *
... or something that holds meaning for you and your family.



What Fabrics Work Best? 

  • WOVEN FABRICS WORK BEST - quilting cottons, upholstery, oxford shirts, silk ties, other non-stretch fabrics or garments  
  • SOME STRETCH FABRICS WORK - but lace or embroidered fabrics will not work in our designs (i.e. no 4-way stretch like lycra, leotards, sweaters, etc)
  • You can send the entire garment. And when possible, we prefer to work with an 8"x8" piece of fabric per bracelet, but can work with smaller pieces (may require adding a seam and covering it with the beads)
  • We can cut around imperfections.

Give a gift that will never be forgotten.

...And may even cause a few tears.

Jewelry made from your special fabrics is truly one-of-a-kind. Capturing a memory from a special life moment, or honoring someone special in your life, your gift will be a cherished heirloom. Our commitment to the highest level of crafts(wo)manship ensures that we will take great care and attention working with your fabrics, communicating design nuances and sharing photos of the designs along the way with you.

    Fabrics should be mailed to the address that we will provide via email when we receive your order.
    P.O. Box pick ups will not take place during the COVID-19 social distancing practices that are in place.