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Small Businesses Pay It Forward

Small Businesses Pay It Forward by Razimus Jewelry

As a small business trying to navigate this extraordinary time in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, Razimus Jewelry is committed to do what we can to support our fellow small business owners & local community by paying it forward while upholding social distancing (utilizing shipping & delivery services). 

Get involved & Pay It Forward:

  • Any purchase from our website will result in Razimus Jewelry using a portion of that sale to make a purchase from another small business in our local community
  • That purchase can be donated to a community service organization or member of the business who is in need during this time.
  • Other small businesses - in any way that they are able - are encouraged to use a portion of that sale to continue the cycle and make a purchase from another small business

The point is that when we make a sale, we pay it forward by putting a portion back into the community so that, collectively, we can weather the challenges ahead together. 

Use #SmallBusinessesPayItForward and share your purchase, and we will continue to update you all on the progress on Instagram & Facebook.


In starting this chain of #SmallBusinessesPayItForward, we hope to help other businesses generate some much needed revenue & support our community... because we truly are all in this together.

When you purchase a bracelet, we will purchase a delivery meal from a local restaurant, a local farm produce delivery, or toiletry, clothing, cleaning or other handmade product made by a small business owner and donate it to Wellspring, a non-profit organization in Saratoga County who's mission is to help survivors of relationship abuse (domestic violence) and sexual assault in our community, and other local organizations aiding those in need.  


Want to get involved?

Make a purchase and the cycle begins...

Buy A Bracelet from Razimus Jewelry and pay it forward to small business
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