Custom Designs

Do you have a special fabric or clothing that you would like turned into unique custom jewelry?

Check out some examples of our custom work and the stories behind them:

Memorial Projects
Capture a moment in about some of the memorial work we have done and why we would love to create a meaningful piece just for you. 

All About Weddings

Your wedding dress doesn't have to be packed away and's some inspiration! We can also create unique pieces for your bridal party. 

Family Heritage

Celebrate your roots by turning a family item into something you can enjoy every day. 

We can customize any design for bridal parties, memorial jewelry, mother-daughter and family sets, men's designs and more. 

Think: your child's first baby clothes, precious wedding garments, Grandma's vintage apron, the dress that reminds you of youthful fun times, a favorite flannel of someone dear to you, an old family quilt...

Imagine: it could be turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry that honors those special memories instead of being hidden away in the back of your closet.