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Type 1 Diabetes: A Story of Perseverance & Pursuing Passions

Posted by Virginia Fretto on

Thank you for being a wonderful supporter of Razimus Jewelry over the years.

Some of you may know me personally, and some of you have not yet had the pleasure to meet in person. I wanted to share my story about living with diabetes - and not letting it get in the way of my dreams - in the hopes that it may inspire those of you who may be living with some form of diabetes, or know someone who is. 


This is a longer & more personal post than I usually send to you, but I encourage you to read it in full and send it along to anyone that you know who might benefit from hearing another diabetic's story and inspire them to never let diabetes get in the way of their passions.


My journey with diabetes has had it's (often daily) twists, turns, and challenges. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 20 years ago, and in that time I have pursued a career in fashion design, met and married my best friend, moved to two cities, became a mother to our beautiful daughter, and built a sustainable fabric jewelry brand that fulfills my creative, eco-minded & entrepreneurial passions.


All of this I am so very proud & grateful for, not only because of the hard work that each entailed, but that during each hurdle & accomplishment there were countless finger sticks, carb countings, and insulin pump calculations going on simultaneously, enabling me to pursue my passions and stay healthy.


Yes, there were & are highs and lows along the way - in blood sugars and emotions - that is part of living with diabetes. {Case in point, as I write this my blood sugar reading is a little high causing this writing and editing to take far longer than it should...but I push through and get it done, with a little adjustment of my insulin pump and continual monitoring throughout the day. Hey, it's real life & we all have our obstacles.}  It takes a lot to stay on track, but I do believe that is why I am able to adapt and push through challenges. A 'benefit' I guess of having diabetes - perseverance.


No one is perfect and no one has perfect control... of anything! It is how we choose to focus our efforts that makes all the difference in our health and pursuits.


I continue to learn more about better ways to manage my blood sugars. I have found focusing on healthy, unprocessed, low sugar, organic foods make me feel so much more energized and in control of my blood sugars on a daily basis. And I am very grateful for the kindness & strength over the past few years that I have felt from my local community and customers who show their support for me as I ride in the American Diabetes Tour De Cure in Saratoga Springs. Hearing strangers cheer "Go Red Rider, Go" to me and fellow riders with diabetes during the ride feels like a celebration of living with strength with diabetes. I hope that through sharing my story, other diabetics and their families know they are not alone.

So I decided to put my creative energy to good use...

I am so happy to announce the re-launch of my Diabetes Awareness bracelet design, a unique bracelet in which 50% of the proceeds are donated to the American Diabetes Association to support their research and programming for all diabetics.  What's so cool (at least I hope you think it's cool , too) about the design is that not only is it an awesome unisex red & stainless steel design, but it is very much aligned with Razimus Jewelry's eco-friendly philosophy of reducing fashion waste. My amazing team and I recycle past years Red Rider jerseys from the Tour De Cure rides, and transform them into bracelets to bring deeper awareness and celebration to those who support and live with diabetes.  


So to all of the diabetics, and their families, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Take care of yourself, persevere and pursue your passions!