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Our Story: Handmade with LOVE

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We are so much more than a jewelry brand.

We're a team of creative women - many of us moms - who care deeply about hand making each and every item with love. We care how and where each piece is made. We care about our impact on the environment + world. We believe a brand is more than the product for sale. 

WHO WE ARE: A small team of artisan women

We're a community of women supporting women, and in light of social and political changes, we feel this is more important than ever. We want to share a message to other women to be unique, bold... and simply themselves! Through networking and collaborations with other women designers and businesses, we keep broadening our group of like-minded women ready to create change.

WHAT WE DO: Made by hand - real hands - with LOVE

Design: Each new collection begins with owner Virginia at the drawing board. She pulls from her own inspiration, the season's trending colors and the available organic, upcycled and vintage fabrics. 

Production: Our team deconstructs garments and cuts fabric into sewing-ready strips, which are then sewn and ready for beading and finishing touches. Each and every piece is 100% hand made with love from start to finish. 

Finishing: We carefully package each shipment with love in our studio.

WHERE WE WORK: Together + Independently

We gather in Virginia's sunny studio, based near Saratoga Springs, NY, on production and planning days. The rest of the time, the team takes their work home - from sewing and beading to business updates - to work independently within their own schedules. Freedom, creativity, and teamwork make for a very happy workplace!

Our Brand Ambassadors, a group of talented, fashionable and amazing women, represent our products and vision across the country. 


We believe that our team thrives when they're working in a role that they love. We also believe businesses have a responsibility to create a quality and fairly made product.

We care about where we source supplies. We are dedicated to producing eco-friendly fabric bands using 100% organic cottons and upcycling (deconstructing & repurposing) vintage and other clothing. Why is this important? Because the present-day fast-fashion cycle results in over 10 billion tons of clothing ending up in landfills annually*, and conventionally-grown cotton used in fabrics accounts for more than 10% of the total pesticide & 25% of insecticide use worldwide**. 

*Source: grist.org “Watch us explain why your $8 shirt is a huge problem

**Sources: Pesticide Action Network & “Thread Documentary”

When you wear Razimus Jewelry, you are making a statement: you are a woman supporting your fellow women, you show your support for quality and fair production, and you are taking part in a movement to love the earth a little bit more, starting with making more eco-friendly fashion choices. Thank you!

Want to work together to create a custom design with us using your special garments or fabrics? LEARN MORE ABOUT CUSTOM DESIGNS


The Razimus Jewelry Team