MARIAN Bracelet (available in 12 colors)

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Mixed metals with some movement, that's what makes our MARIAN bracelet so popular. 


  • Pewter, copper and brass beads
  • Available in 12 colors:
    • vintage tan herringbone wool (from designer vintage skirt)
    • upcycled Betsy Olmsted cotton in blue hue (each will vary in color due to pattern of fabric) - SOLD OUT
    • organic linen in chocolate brown
    • organic cotton in olive
    • vintage red polka dot (from a vintage shirt)
    • organic cotton in gray 
    • organic linen in black
    • organic natural linen
    • vintage gray tartan plaid (from a vintage men's shirt)
    • vintage navy wool (from a vintage designer skirt)
    • upcycled manta inca red woven cotton 
    • upcycled shantung silk in emerald
  • 100% natural cotton fill 
  • signature locking magnetic clasp

SIZE: Standard size is 7 5/8". Custom sizing is available upon request. 

Handmade in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

*SOLD OUT - Creative Collaboration: We upcycled textile and housewares designer Betsy Olmsted's remnant fabric cuts to eliminate waste and create some truly one-of-a-kind designs.