Diabetes affects nearly 30 million Americans...and I am one of them.

A little intro...                                  "Each year in Saratoga Springs, NY in the beginning of June, I actually get excited to share my story about living with diabetes. Why? Because it is when the our amazing local community joins together for the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure cycling event. At this ride, cyclists from all levels and experiences converge to fundraise, raise awareness and cheer on their fellow riders, many of which are "Red Riders". I am a "Red Rider", I ride with type 1 diabetes. Participants sporting bright red cycling jerseys that say red rider are riding with Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes, and as we cycle through our route, we hear our fellow riders loudly cheering "Go Red Rider, GO!" It is the one day a year that I now look forward to celebrating diabetes. I find others who wear the same insulin pump, or same continuous glucose monitor, or diabetic mothers who had a similar pregnancy or daily blood glucose control challenge as I have experienced. It is a wonderful day of community and support.    

Because I have a creative talent, I want to share this sense of community, this same sense of support, this wonderful feeling of celebration with others who either live with diabetes themselves or that wish to show support to a loved one who lives with diabetes. It is a 24/7 - 365 disease. We don't get days off. We have great days of control, and days that we can't quite get things under control. But on any day, it is nice to know we are not alone and that we are one of many and despite the daily challenges, we can celebrate living with diabetes. So I designed a unisex American Diabetes Association Benefit Bracelet from past years Red Rider cycling jerseys from the Tour de Cure. It is my hope that by wearing this bracelet that it will make a fellow diabetic or supportive loved one feel the support of many & celebrate living with diabetes."                      - Virginia Fretto, Designer + Owner of Razimus Jewelry


 Written by Liz Conway: 

Diabetes is a serious illness that affects nearly 30 million people in the US. Chances are you know someone who has a diagnosis. Even if you don't have a close family member or friend who has opened up to you about their diabetes experience, it could be something that effects your favorite librarian from your local library. Or the friendly little girl in your daughter's class. The thing about diabetics is that we don't walk around with a noticeable indicator that we are living with the disease, and most of the time people don't even know we have it unless we tell them. People discretely tuck their insulin pump into their clothes, escape to the restroom to check their blood sugars or administer an injection of insulin. Without any clear indication you may never really consider diabetes in your daily life, but if you're someone with the disease it's constantly on your mind.

Walking by a cute new ice cream shop, you decide to pop in for a bite. For someone with diabetes it is not an easy choice to make. They monitor their food and sugar levels constantly through the day and night. It is a daily challenge, one that Virginia describes above and one that she lives with each day. People like her inspire us to strive for more and never give up on our goals. She is a creative, strong entrepreneur, and amazing mommy. This cause is something that she carries close to her heart, and wants to share with all of you!

Did you know: Razimus Jewelry donates 50% of the proceeds of the sales of this red jersey bracelet directly to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). This bracelet says "I stand with everyone who lives with diabetes. I am aware of your struggles and I acknowledge them. You are not alone. You are an inspiration. <3"



Fun fact: that little piece of fabric has rode a long way to get to your wrist. It once was a part of a brave Red Rider's jersey and has now been up-cycled so you and your loved ones can take the courageous spirit of Red Riders from the ADA's Tour de Cure with you everywhere you go! A unisex, athletic fabric bracelet to keep up with even the fastest of us; like bikers, soccer players, and moms! 

Chances are if you give a Razimus American Diabetes Association Benefit Bracelet, you are gonna put a smile on someone's face! Keep on riding! 






Join us at a special fundraising event at Campagna Restaurant in Malta, NY on May 30th at 7pm for a fun night for a great cause.