Spring 2017 Color Trends

This year's spring fashion will evoke the "promises, hope and transformation that we 
yearn for each Spring," according to the Pantone Spring 2017 report (read here). 

Imagination. Emotion. Nature. 

Are you imagining a playful day spent frolicking in the spring sunshine yet?!

The names themselves strongly suggest a nature theme, derived from plants like Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Pink Yarrow, Kale and Hazelnut. Greenery captures the essence of leaf buds bursting forth. Island paradise calls to mind easy, breezy days of R&R.

Let's take a deeper look at this palette curated for its earthy, cheerful and whimsical hues and see them celebrated in a few of the new releases from our latest Beacon collection:

Primrose Yellow promises good cheer and sunny days, while Flame adds a fiery theatrical heat to the palette. Add some spice to your spring with the MARIAN in a retro, playful polka dot print.

{SHOP THE MARIAN in vintage polka dot}

Pale Dogwood speaks of tranquility and innocence, while Pink Yarrow grabs attention with a whimsical hue. Tied together with Primrose Yellow, the MARIAN in a pretty, watercolor-esque floral print is the perfect mood lifting spring accessory. 

{SHOP THE MARIAN in upcycled floral canvas}


The blues of this palette remind us of R&R. Niagara, as seen in the classic blue stripe ZOE, exudes ease and comfort. Island Paradise brightens things up, like in the cool turquoise of the ALEXIS necklace, and transports us to just that - paradise. 


Greenery stars as the Pantone color of the year. Vibrant, invigorating and reminding us to explore, this shade is highlighted in our ZOE in a funky, earthy vintage flower print. Hazelnut grounds the fabric with a warm earthiness. 

{SHOP THE ZOE in vintage green flower print}


 The ZOE comes in 12 fabrics...

The MARIAN comes in 8 fabrics...

The ALEXIS comes in 5 fabrics...

Be Pantone perfect this spring, and accessorize your wardrobe with these bright, happy and peaceful new designs!