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"I Used to be a Vintage Skirt" - the ELLA in Vintage Plaid

Posted by Virginia Fretto on

What is black and red and cozy all over? Buffalo plaid, of course. There's snow on the ground and holiday shopping galore, and this lumbuff plaid collar.jpgberjack print is cropping up everywhere with a new spin on an old classic. Buffalo plaid ponchos, boots and bags - yes, please! Even that old flannel shoved to the back of your closet is in again. We adore it so much, we transformed a vintage buffalo plaid skirt into the ELLA. Whether you want a touch of one of this season's must have fabrics, or you need an accessory to match your buffalo plaid accessories, The ELLA has got your back - er, wrist ;)

Let’s delve behind-the-scenes into the story of the ELLA. 

Have you seen our most recent blog on Pantone color inspiration? The next step is to find the fabrics that will represent this color palette. You know that our heart and soul is eco-fashion, which means that we go about finding our fabrics in a sustainable way, whether they are vintage, upcycled or organic. Drawing on the trending aurora red shade, we found this soft, classic fabric with the help of Ashleigh of The Grey Birch, a handmade and curated vintage shop. 

This fabric spent its first life as a skirt before being reincarnated into the Ella bracelet. The Grey Birch is one of our go-to places for lovely vintage fabrics looking for a second life.


The skirt, lovely as it was, needs to be deconstructed, measured and cut into pieces. We hand bead and finish each and every piece.

It’s kind of magical to breathe new life into old clothes. 

A work in progress....and a furry friend hiding.

So, when you put on the ELLA (or any Razimus piece!) remember all that it means behind the eco-fashion statement: it is a slice of history and a holder of memories. It is a sustainable steward of the earth. It is craftsmanship and dedication. It is a loving and many-stepped process. It is a vision and a metamorphosis. It is the result of wild creativity and careful selection. It is a collaboration and mixing of other artists.