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Behind the scenes of new Razimus Jewelry limited edition designs

Posted by Virginia Fretto on

A few weeks ago, many of you got to follow my design journey on Instagram and Facebook as I created (and asked for your help to choose) the designs for the upcoming Capsule Collection #3 for Spring/Summer 2019.


One of our show-stopper fabrics was this incredible vintage Japanese Kimono silk, a remnant from SHERIRU KIMONO SILK SCARVES. Each year, the designer, Cheryl, travels to Japan seeking inspiration, honoring traditional techniques, and collecting incredible Kimono silks to design her handmade scarves from.   When she reached out to me and told me she had pieces of remnant fabrics, I nearly leaped from my seat in sheer joy! 

vintage kimono silk Upon receiving the fabrics from Cheryl, I immediately displayed this particular piece at the top of a pile of potential spring-summer fabrics, knowing it HAD to be a keystone of the forthcoming collection. I swear fabrics find me, like the universe had meant for me to design with them. And this was one such moment of connection. 

Because we can only make such a small number of bracelets from this small piece of silk, I had reservations about actually using it because of it's scarcity. But IT JUST HAD TO BE PART OF THE COLLECTION. 

So to honor the incredible beauty of this fabric, I knew I needed a simple bead style to compliment the elegance of this print. So I designed the new CARLA bracelet using a simple rose gold-plated tube center with tiny accents of diamond cut sterling silver rings on either side. Just the right amount of sparkle, right?

CARLA bracelet

As I continued to design more bracelets for this collection, I brought back a special organic fabric from last spring, an organic cotton in a pink metallic color. And when I tried this fabric with the JOHANNA infinity bead, I couldn't stop staring at it. It just felt like the perfect combination for fabric and beads for spring (and any season to be honest). 

JOHANNA bracelet in organic pink metallic

But then something magic happened, again the universe works in ways I can not explain, and I simply remain open to it & the creativity it brings me. During a meeting with my amazing production team, I was showing them the samples of the new designs - this is such an exciting meeting for us all - and I just so happened to take out the CARLA and JOHANNA together. I give all credit to the universe... and our  magnetic clasps ;-) And we all gasped in unison!



"This would be peeeeerfect for Valentine's, too!"

It was one of those it just has to be kind of moments. 


Well after we assessed our inventory and how many bracelets we could actually make from this small piece of vintage silk, I decided to do a very limited edition stack pre-sale so that should anyone want to drop a hint to their sweetheart, this stack would bring something so special to your day of love's celebration.

Love is infinite. The universe is infinite. 

I am honored to share with you the INFINITY stack, in a small release of 10 available.