Behind the Scenes: Fall Collection Fabrics

September is always a month full of excitement. For those of you who are fall-lovers like me (hey, hey fellow Virgos and Libras), the crispness in the air actually brings a certain warmth & anticipation. Time to dust off your fall boots, make room for the fall plaids, and begin to layer some of your old and new favorites back into your wardrobe.  

It also means I get to share with you a new collection. It's a beautiful cycle, designing in anticipation of a new season. Albeit, sometimes a bit of a struggle trying to plan and design Fall/Holiday in the heat of June & July...


Every collection starts with the fabrics; those collected, sought out, and coveted. It's in the marrying of these treasures - vintage garments, luxurious organic fabrics - that a collection is born, very much inspired by the forecasted color trends for the season. 

My team & I are kind of in a permanent state of a treasure hunt, scouring for vintage clothing fabric, collaborating with other fashion and textile designers to recycle fabrics that they can't use, and pouring over organic linen and cotton color swatches. And twice a year the cycle ends and new one begins with the new hunt, new meetings, new collaborations, new discoveries and new inspirations.


Fabrics above: 1) Razimus Team member, Erin shopping a vintage tag sale for some vintage garments, 2) collection of vintage clothing paired with dress designer, Liz St. John's, remnant gold and blue/red iridescent shantung silk fabrics on the cutting room floor, 3) deconstructing a vintage houndstooth Pendleton skirt for the collection. 

And with each collection - my inner fashion designer - studies the runway and design trends to see what colors will be top of everyone's must-haves for the season.

Source: Pantone Fashion Color Report 2017

Look for organic cottons & vintage fabrics in our collection in Pantone's: Neutral Gray, Navy Peony, Grenadine, Shaded Spruce, with accents of Golden Lime, Tawny Port, Butterum, and Marina in the fabrics that we are recycling from textile designer, Betsy Olmsted.

And you all had some serious color trend instincts this year and when I asked for your help deciding on neutrals on Facebook or Instagram, the response was awesome & helped to add two extra colors to this collection: olive & navy! You are my inspiration. 


And of course...

We know for fall we MUST HAVE PLAID. My goal is always to find the most eco-friendly way to source plaid fabrics, and there is nothing better than recycling vintage clothing. Talk about classics! The fabric quality of vintage wools and vintage flannels is unparalleled. This is one of my favorite parts of designing fabric jewelry, the transformation of fabric - taking a classic and reinventing it and giving it new life.


This collection really has our entire team at Razimus Jewelry excited, and we hope you love it too. Select styles will be launched each week, beginning on September 18th. Be sure to add yourself to our email list because we have a lot of love to share this fall. 




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